Integrity Music Academy

                           "Building character through music."                       



      The Philosophy 

of Integrity Music Academy
When Dr. Shinichi Suzuki originally conceived of his method for teaching strings, he emphasized the importance of developing character within the student.  His goal was to improve people through the discipline of learning music.
Integrity Music Academy brings together music training and character development through a unique approach to lessons.  Using an innovative and attractive set of character materials, the IMA program offers a way to combine specific character-building teaching with the conventional private lesson setting.

Students will learn how the definition and application of personal integrity provide 
the framework for developing positive character growth in a musical setting.  Ultimately, however, the traits studied during lessons go far beyond learning an instrument.   It is the goal of IMA to help
students learn to apply these character qualities to their entire lives as they strive for both musical and moral excellence.
Our traditional music instruction is completed by the addition of specific character building tools. These ideals are 
 a lesson to us all, student, teacher, and parent alike. Becoming intimately familiar with these words, definitions and deeds has a positive effect on people for their entire lives.
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About our Faculty

 Each of our faculty has achieved excellence in the musical world and will be uniting years of experience in music instruction with practical, straightforward teaching on specific character qualities.

Integrity Music Academy offers traditional and Suzuki lessons through private studio lessons, group lessons, and periodic recitals or other performances.

Convenient Location


 Situated in the one of the Twin Cities’ fastest growing arts districts, IMA is conveniently located between 35W and Hwy 280 off E. Hennepin Ave. Free parking available.                     1081 21st Ave. SE                                                                                       Minneapolis, MN 55414

IMA’s close proximity to Quinn Violins should please any string player. Internationally recognized, Quinn Violins offers instruments and accessories. IMA students are eligible for exclusive discounts and promotions.

We are currently accepting new students for violin, viola, cello, double bass, classical guitar, mandolin, voice, harp, piano, clarinet, and other wind instruments.

IMA gladly accepts students of all ages and ability levels.

If you would like more information, or to enroll, please call Nathan Wilson at (612) 436-0791 or email at






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